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Testing the installation

Testing the intallation with publicly available videos and default config files

Start by testing that ZebraZoom is working on your machine. To do that, download the test videos and try to run the tracking on those: in the GUI's main menu, click on “Run ZebraZoom on a video”, choose the video you want to track and then the configuration file which will have the same name as the video you want to track. Once the tracking is done, go back to the main menu and click on “Visualize ZebraZoom's output”, then on the video you just tracked. If the tracking worked well, you should be able to visualize the output produced by ZebraZoom (by clicking on “View video for well 0” for example).

You can also watch the tutorial videos on how to use ZebraZoom for more guidance about how to create configuration files, launch ZebraZoom on videos and visualize the outputs.

Creating your first configuration files

To be able to track animals in videos you need to create a configuration file for each “type” of video you want to track. A “type” of video is defined by light intensity, number and shape of wells, number of animals per well, number of pixels per animal, the type of animal in your video, etc...

Next, you could thus try practicing creating configuration files for the test videos provided by default.