Olivier Mirat

Olivier is a software engineer and data scientist who has been working at the interface of biology and computer science for almost a decade. In Virginia Tech he worked in a bioinformatics lab and participated in the creation of bio-security software for DNA sequence screening that he later presented along with his teammates at the iGEM competition and at the FBI headquarters. He has also worked in an early stage digital health startup in San Francisco creating a web-based chatbot relying on an AI medical diagnosis engine and has worked on other independent digital health projects. Olivier started working on ZebraZoom during his Ph.D. in Claire Wyart’s lab in Paris and now wants to make other labs and corporations around the world benefit from his many years of experience analyzing the behavior of zebrafish larvae.

Claire Wyart

During her PhD, Claire developed novel methods for controlling the architecture of neuronal networks in vitro and demonstrated mechanisms underlying the emergence of spontaneous activity. She joined UC Berkeley for her postdoctoral fellowship and developed optogenetic methods in vivo by taking advantage of the transparency of the zebrafish larva. In this small vertebrate model, Claire used optogenetics to study sensory-motor integration, analyzing the processing of visual, mechanosensory and chemosensory pathways modulating locomotion. Since 2011, Claire started her team at the Brain and Spinal cord Institute in Paris. She is interested in deciphering the neuronal circuits that integrate information from the brain, from the periphery and from internal cues in order to modulate locomotion and posture as a function of inner physiological states.

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