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On Windows

Download Windows Installer

When presented with the "Windows protected your PC" popup, click on "More info" and then "Run anyway". Once the installer starts, follow the instructions to complete the installation.

alt text

alt text

On Mac

Download and install the Mac Installer and extract it to the desired folder.

Open a terminal

alt text

Execute the following command

sudo spctl --master-disable

Enter your admin password when prompted.

This step is necessary to enable running apps downloaded from anywhere on your machine.

To run Zebrazoom, go to the folder where ZebraZoom was extracted and double click on ZebraZoomApp.

On Linux

Download the Linux zip folder and extract it to the desired folder.

To run ZebraZoom, open a console in that folder and type


Test videos

Use these videos to test ZebraZoom:

Download the videos below and try ZebraZoom with those videos using the corresponding configuration files (each video and configuration file have the same name):




General Method

Download and install Anaconda (scroll down to the bottom of that web page or click on the "Download button" on the top of that page). You may skip this step if you already have python 3.6 or higher installed on your computer.

Restart your computer.

Open the "Anaconda Prompt" or any other terminal.


pip install zebrazoom

That's it! ZebraZoom is now installed on your computer!

If you want to upgrade to the latest release of ZebraZoom later on, you can type:

pip install zebrazoom --upgrade

To start ZebraZoom, you can now open the Anaconda Prompt or a terminal and type:

python -m zebrazoom

Further recommendations for installation with the general method

If and only if you are going to use Anaconda extensively to install packages other than ZebraZoom, it can be a good idea to create an Anaconda Environment just for ZebraZoom.

To do this, first create an environment:

conda create -n zebrazoom python=3.8

Then activate the newly created environment:

conda activate zebrazoom

Then install zebrazoom as explained in the previous section ("General method").

pip install zebrazoom

To start ZebraZoom, you can now open the Anaconda Prompt or a terminal and type:

conda activate zebrazoom
python -m zebrazoom

Read this for more information on Anaconda environments