Paid Services: Helping you analyze animal behavior with open-source software

Many software and methods have recently been developed to analyze animal behavior. Deciding which software/method to use for a specific project can often be difficult; and being able to use those software/methods efficiently can be even harder.

We first published an article on automated behavior analysis in 2013. Since then, we have been improving our software as well as testing and using software and methods created by others. We are also constantly following the latest developments in behavioral research, machine learning and computer vision.

As a paid service, we can thus help you analyze your behavioral experiments for any kind of animal. To do this, we will use open-source software developed by us and others. The choice of which software/method to use will be based exclusively on what's most relevant and cost effective for you.

Animal Tracking

Depending on the videos you want to analyze, we can help you use our tracking software ZebraZoom or the tracking software developed by other groups (DeepLabCut, IdTracker, Ctrax, etc...). These various software all have their strengths and weaknesses: we will choose which software to use depending on the videos you want to perform the tracking on. If none of these software correspond to what you need, we can even create new tracking software for you! Contact us to learn more.

Zebrafish larva tracked with ZebraZoom.

Behavior Analysis

We have extensive experience analyzing the behavior of the zebrafish larvae, and we've used supervised and unsupervised machine learning to automatically classify bouts of movements into distinct behaviors. We can guide you through the most recent papers on automated behavior analysis, help you choose the most relevant method for your project, and even create new behavior analysis scripts for you! Contact us to learn more.

Unsupervised clustering of bouts.

Artificial Intelligence

In addition to using supervised and unsupervised machine learning to classify bouts, we've used deep learning to distinguish when a larva is rolling over. We've also used deep learning to track animals in videos. If you have an AI related project and need our assistance, feel free to contact us.

Rollover detection with ZZDeepRollover.

Creation of user friendly interfaces

The software we've developed can easily be used through a graphical user interface, see the tutorial videos on how to use ZebraZoom. Similarly, while helping you on projects, we will make sure that all the code that we create or reuse from others is easily accessible to people with no coding experience.

ZebraZoom's graphical user interface.