Why hire us?

The classical approach:

Hiring an intern, PhD student or postdoc typically involves:

- A time consuming hiring process

- Possibly having to train someone without much experience

- A fixed-time contract, without much flexibility

Working with us:

When hiring us, you can:

- Instantaneously have at your disposal a team of experienced researchers, data scientists, software engineers and AI engineers

- Work with us for as short or as long a period as you need

Our team consists of:

Olivier Mirat

Olivier created the first version of ZebraZoom in 2013 during his PhD and has since continued working on tracking, behavior, and other biological and heath data analysis or AI-related projects.

Claire Wyart

Claire is an accomplished neuroscience professor at the Paris Brain Institute; she's an expert in zebrafish, behavior and optogenetics. Her lab studies the circuits underlying the control of locomotion.

Ante Sikic

Ante is an expert Python programmer, who specializes in the creation of easy to use Graphical User Interfaces and who is responsible for the latest version of ZebraZoom's graphical user interface.

Papers published that have used ZebraZoom:

Not from Claire Wyart's lab:

Sensory deficit screen identifies nsf mutation that differentially affects SNARE recycling and quality control. Yan Gao, Yousuf A Khan, Weike Mo, K Ian White, Matthew Perkins, Richard A Pfuetzner, Josef G Trapani, Axel T Brunger, Teresa Nicolson - Cell Reports, 2023

A novel PLS1 c. 981+ 1G> A variant causes autosomal‐dominant hereditary hearing loss in a family Liangpu Xu, Xinrui Wang, Jia Li, Lingji Chen, Haiwei Wang, Shiyi Xu, Yanhong Zhang, Wei Li, Pengcheng Yao, Meihua Tan, Si Zhou, Meihuan Chen, Yali Pan, Xuemei Chen, Xiaolan Chen, Yunliang Liu, Na Lin, Hailong Huang, Hua Cao - Clinical Genetics, Wiley Online Library, 2023

Organization of the gravity-sensing system in zebrafish.Zhikai Liu, David G C Hildebrand, Joshua L Morgan, Yizhen Jia, Nicholas Slimmon, Martha W Bagnall - Nature Communications, 2022

De novo establishment of circuit modules restores locomotion after spinal cord injury in adult zebrafish. Chun-Xiao Huang, Zhen Wang, Jianwei Cheng , Zhiqiang Zhu, Na N Guan, Jianren Song - Cell Reports, 2022

Temporal Vestibular Deficits in synaptojanin 1 (synj1) Mutants. Yan Gao, Teresa Nicolson - Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience, 2021

An injury-induced serotonergic neuron subpopulation contributes to axon regrowth and function restoration after spinal cord injury in zebrafish. Chun-Xiao Huang, Yacong Zhao, Jie Mao, Zhen Wang, Lulu Xu, Jianwei Cheng, Na N Guan, Jianren Song - Nature Communications, 2021

A neuronal circuit that generates the temporal motor sequence for the defensive response in zebrafish larvae. Lulu Xu, Na N. Guan, Chun-Xiao Huang, Yunfeng Hua, Jianren Song - Current Biology, 2021

From Claire Wyart's lab:

The mesencephalic locomotor region recruits V2a reticulospinal neurons to drive forward locomotion in larval zebrafish. Martin Carbo-Tano, Mathilde Lapoix, Xinyu Jia, Olivier Thouvenin, Marco Pascucci, François Auclair, Feng B Quan, Shahad Albadri, Vernie Aguda, Younes Farouj, Elizabeth M C Hillman, Ruben Portugues, Filippo Del Bene, Tod R Thiele, Réjean Dubuc, Claire Wyart - Nature neuroscience, 2023

CSF-contacting neurons respond to Streptococcus pneumoniae and promote host survival during central nervous system infection. Andrew E Prendergast, Kin Ki Jim, Hugo Marnas, Laura Desban, Feng B Quan, Lydia Djenoune, Valerio Laghi, Agnès Hocquemiller, Elias T Lunsford, Julian Roussel, Ludovic Keiser, Francois-Xavier Lejeune, Mahalakshmi Dhanasekar, Pierre-Luc Bardet, Jean-Pierre Levraud, Diederik van de Beek, Christina M J E Vandenbroucke-Grauls, Claire Wyart - Current Biology, 2023

Lateral line hair cells integrate mechanical and chemical cues to orient navigation. Laura Desban, Julian Roussel, Olivier Mirat, François-Xavier Lejeune, Ludovic Keiser, Nicolas Michalski, Claire Wyart - bioRxiv, 2022

A lexical approach for identifying behavioural action sequences. Gautam Reddy, Laura Desban, Hidenori Tanaka, Julian Roussel, Olivier Mirat, Claire Wyart - PLoS Computational Biology, 2022

Spinal sensory neurons project onto the hindbrain to stabilize posture and enhance locomotor speed. Ming-Yue Wu, Martin Carbo-Tano, Olivier Mirat, Francois-Xavier Lejeune, Julian Roussel, Feng B Quan, Kevin Fidelin, Claire Wyart - Current Biology, 2021 - cell.com

Somatostatin 1.1 contributes to the innate exploration of zebrafish larva.Feng B Quan, Laura Desban, Olivier Mirat, Maxime Kermarquer, Julian Roussel, Fanny Koëth, Hugo Marnas, Lydia Djenoune, François-Xavier Lejeune, Hervé Tostivint, Claire Wyart - Scientific Reports, 2020

Mechanosensory neurons control the timing of spinal microcircuit selection during locomotion. Steven Knafo, Kevin Fidelin, Andrew Prendergast, Po-En Brian Tseng, Alexandre Parrin, Charles Dickey, Urs Lucas Böhm, Sophie Nunes Figueiredo, Olivier Thouvenin, Hugues Pascal-Moussellard, Claire Wyart - Elife, 2017

Zebrazoom: an automated program for high-throughput behavioral analysis and categorization. O Mirat, JR Sternberg, KE Severi, C Wyart - Frontiers in neural circuits, 2013

Next steps:

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